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Site Fees

Zero Sign-up Fees
Membership is completely free to developers and customers. You can become a member by signing up now. You have the option of quickly registering by using your Facebook account credentials. We have also other options to register as a customer or as a developer depending on your purpose for using this awesome website.
Featured Item Fee
The feature items area is a limited space of high visibility content. Content in this section is highly promoted in all our social media channels and syndicated in all our network partner's social media profiles. Apps Featured in this section are immediately syndicated in 500 to 4000 social media profiles. As a result you will get immediate traffic to your app detail pages, increase social engagement on social media networks: getting people talking about your app and acquiring back-links to your app details page which increases your relevance and discoverability in search engines. You can decide to have your app listed here optionally for $10 per app once, or on a monthly recurring basis for your monthly promotion and premium feature listing. This process is totally automated which is an added benefit to you as a developer, leaving you time to focus on building great apps. Please note that the duration of your app feature is 2 weeks per month.
Check out this page to see how the process works: Developers Learn More
Revenue Share
Developers get to enjoy the best revenue share option in the industry, the goal of appsbidder is to eventually enable developers to distribute apps freely. As we grow with our developers we will gradually progress towards this model. Currently, it's a 17% commission on all paid app sales which is an 83/17 split. For the moment we have to charge for our hosting, marketing and distribution services. Sales commissions are usually deducted from the total amount of the payout to the receiver at payment threshold. The minimum payment threshold is $50. Payment to developers is on the 1st every month, through your payment service of choice like paypal or google checkout.
Wanted Apps Classified
Do you have an idea for an app, but lack the programming background or the time to create one? Well we have made it possible for you to hire or connect with developers on our platform for project contracting. You can list information about your app idea on any platform for a fee and developers will contact you through the internal messaging system. The fees for the classified ads range depending on the duration of the ad. The duration and fees are listed below:
  • 1 day: $1
  • 2 days: $2
  • 1 week: $4
  • 2 weeks: $7
  • 1 month: $15
  • 2 months: $30