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AppsBidder Rating and Experience Points System

What is AppsBidder Rating and Experience Points System?
AppsBidder rating and experience points system rewards you with a number of perks for your download and social media sharing activity. The result of your engagement helps to sort out quality apps for better visibility and brings low quality apps to attention. Experience points are beneficial to you because it enables you to redeem monthly monetary prizes and to achieve site status and authority. Site Status and authority works to increase the significance of your feed back and how much more perks you get than less authoritative site users. Your individual site authority depends on your status ranking on AppsBidder. There are seven status ranks on represented by seven badges. The ranks emulate a feudal system, ranging from ordinary citizenship to royalty. Experience points allow you to progress from citizenship to royalty.

Users enjoy a real time visually animated 'leveling up' of their respective progress bars.

You can learn a lot more about the ranks and perks below.

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How are apps and games regulated?
Games and apps on are in good standing by default. You have the opportunity to critic apps / games you use by leaving a review. Reviews keep good quality apps and games alive. Low quality or inappropriate apps are brought to attention by the number of disprovals they have, flagging them for removal. While good or average content will continue to thrive on, apps need to maintain a certain ratio of good reviews to disprovals to remain in good standing. A good standing status on Appsbidder is one good rating to every three disapprovals 1 good: 3 disapprovals as apps or games are continuously downloaded and used. When the ratio of good ratings to disapprovals rating decreases, in order words 1:4 app owners will be notified of this in-balance and will have 30 days to get the app status back to good standing.

If the app is still not in good standing after 30 days it will be removed from the marketplace. This system is necessary for the community at Appsbidder to have the power to remove a low quality app or to protect other members against malicious and inappropriate software. Refer to our "terms" for the definition of inappropriate content.

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What is AppsBidder's disapproval?
"Disapproval" on Appsbidder is your voice and ability to show your discontent for an app or game. It's the only way users can regulate the content of the site to make sure only the top quality content remain on the site. The higher your site rank, the more influence you have on the decision leading to removal of an app or game. New users are citizens of their country with 1 disapproval weight. Kings on the other hand are high-ranking dedicated users with a high probability to weigh more on the removal of an app from Experience points are earned when you disapprove an app or game and leave a Valid Reason. Learn more about site rank below.

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What is rating?
After an app download or game play you can decide to comment and apply a score on range from 1 to 5, which is the same as 1 star to 5 stars. A score of 2.5 stars and above is a relatively good score. Experience points are earned when you rate and comment on an app or game

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What are Experience points?
Experience point are like achievement points that used towards tangible rewards like cash prizes, discounts and site authority. When you download (apps/software),play games or buy software and games you need, you are rewarded with XP.
Specifications on the amounts of points earned per action are listed below:
    Free activity
    You can Download and rate apps an unlimited number of times, but you can only earn experience points up to a certain number of times per day for free apps.
  • 1)  Enabling social network sharing feature (points assigned up to 10 times a day): 5 XP for each share. This feature can be enabled by leaving the social network share check box checked at first log in or after app download.
  • 2)  Download and rate free apps (points assigned up to 3 a day): 2 XP each free app download and 5 XP for reviewing the app
  • 3)  Disapproving free apps (points assigned up to 3 a day): 2 XP each free app
  • Paid activity
    When you purchase and download apps, the magnitude of points awarded depends on the price of the app. You can also acquire additional points when you rate an app you recently downloaded
  • Price range < $10 : 2XP for downloading and 2XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $10 : 5XP for downloading and 5XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $20 : 10XP for downloading and 10XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $40 : 20XP for downloading and 20XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $60 : 30XP for downloading and 30XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $80 : 40XP for downloading and 40XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $100 : 50XP for downloading and 50XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $200 : 100XP for downloading and 100XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $500 : 150XP for downloading and 150XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $1000 : 250XP for downloading and 250XP for reviewing
  • Price range > $5000 : 500XP for downloading and 500XP for reviewing

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Rating system and experience points Scope of use
The rating system and experience points system is not applicable to software, apps and games that require the bidding process and extensive licensing agreement to complete payment. The scope of use is limited to apps you would download to use on your personal mobile devices, pcs or games that you engage in the browser. NOTE:YOU STILL GAIN POINTS FOR BUYING LICENSES

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What activities generate Experience points or XP?

Commenting and Rating after free app download: Developers on AppsBidder provide content for a wide range of platforms from content for mobile devices to personal computers to web supported applications. You will always find useful applications provided by developers from various platforms. When you leave feedback in the form of ratings and comments for software, you are immediately rewarded with experience points.

Commenting and Rating after free game play: Developers on AppsBidder also provide free web game content such as flash games for play. Its a beneficial cycle: you get experience points toward certain perks and developers benefit from your product review.

Social Network Content Sharing: You earn experience point when you share your stats, downloads and game plays on social networks. There is an automatic module implemented which will share these activity to your social network profiles automatically. Its an easy way to gain experience points while you browse the site doing the things that you love to do.

Purchasing Apps and Games: Buying apps and games is fastest way to level up on experience points. The more expensive and app or game is, the more experience points you get.

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What are Experience points used for?
  • 1) Experience points are used in a monthly contest used to redeem monetary reward. Each of the top experience point's earners win a monetery prize each month.

  • 2) Experience points are also used cumulatively to achieve site rank and authority. Ranks are based on a feudal system which range from ordinary citizenship to supreme royalty. Each rank is relative to an individuals geographic location and gain more power and perks as you rise through the royal ranks

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What are the ranks and their significance to
Overall cumulating experience points allows you to rise through your country's royal ranks there are 7 ranks represented by badges:

  •    Emperor

  •    King

  •    Duke

  •    Baron

  •    Knight

  •    Esquire

  •    Citizen

  • As a new user on your rank on the site is a citizen, as you gain more experience points you rise through your country's royal ranks. The emperor and king are the highest ranks respectively, an emperor's rank may never be achieved. Every User on collectively represents the community and make up of the AppsBidder ecosystem. The community represents software developers and users from all over the world. So your user account represents the country your account was created in. For example if you reside in London and your account was created in London your account is labeled as citizen of London.

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    What perks and authoritative powers do each royal rank have?
    Each rank on has its own perk, with the emperor and king having the highest number of perks respectively. The imperial rank is almost next to impossible to achieve, so the next highest achievable position for you is the king of your country. You need a minimum number of experience points to rise to each rank on the hierarchy. Each rank is depicted below along with their perks, disapproval weight and minimum number of experience points experience points:

    Ranks and Hierarchy
    Rank: Min XP: DW: Perks / Benefits: Badge:
    Notice: This system is only restricted to apps and games for personal use. Software requiring the aunction process and special licensing agreements are not governed by the rating and experience point system.
    Emperor 1,000,000 50 An emperor has 100,000 men or more, can bet on knights jousting, Can bet points and wage war, cannot be overthrown, Unlimited resources.
    King 10,000 15 king has 1,000 men or more, High Banning power, Discounts on premium apps, 2 times the rate of payout in the monthly contest, can knight a nobleman. Forum Moderator, can bet on knights jousting, Can bet points and wage war
    Duke 4,000 9 Each duke has 400 men or more, A set number of dukes can overthrow a king, Discounts on premium apps; a set number of dukes can knight a nobleman. Forum Moderator, can bet on knights jousting, Can bet points and wage war
    Baron 1000 6 Each Baron has 100 men or more, Discounts on premium apps, can bet on knights jousting, Can bet points and wage war
    Knight 500 3 Each kight has 50 men more, Can joust for points.
    Esquire 100 2 Can be knighted by kings
    Citizen 0-99 1 None

    XP: Experience Points- Points used to determine site rank and win monthly rewards
    DW: Disapproval Weight- Points used to remove unsatisfactory apps from

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    Explanation of rank perks and rules
    Every perk assigned with some exceptions, can be used in the "Arena": Arena to earn more points by engaging in certain activities. The list of activity and there definition is
  • Knighting: (Arena Activity)
  • Jousting: (Arena Activity)
  • Wage war: (Arena Activity)
  • Betting on jousting Events: (Arena Activity)
  • Overthrowing a king: (Arena Activity)
  • Betting points: (Arena Activity)
  • Forum Moderators:
  • Discounts on premium apps:

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