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How do I claim my apps already on AppsBidder?
We have taken the time to make it very easy for developers to transition to our awesome service. As a developer, Before you register, the first thing you want to do is to check to see if we already have your app on our site. If you locate one of your apps click through to the app details page and click "claim" to claim the app and all other apps under that account or company name. There are 3 methods which you can use to complete the app / company profile claiming process:
  • Register and claim (New / Unregistered Developer): In this process it is assumed that you are not already a member on You have the option of searching for your app, claiming it and registering as an appsbidder member at the same time. This process is initiated, upon choosing the option to "Claim/register" on the registration page. You then have the option of verifying that you have access to the email associated with the account that we have in our records or prove you have access to the source url (link provided) by placing a "unique string code" on the app details page source (link provided).

  • Source Email Verification (Already Registered Developer): This option gives you the ability to claim your apps that you come across on, while browsing as a registered member. This option is only made available if we have an email address on file for the company profile you are trying to claim. This process requires you to verify that you have access to the email address we have on file. We display the email address to you and send a confirmation link for you to access though that email. This is the simplest process for claiming accounts. All you have to do is access the email and click the confirmation link and the account is yours.

  • Source Unique string character Verification (Already Registered Developer): This option also gives you the ability to claim your apps that you come across on, while browsing as a registered member.This method is always used when there is no email address for that app / company profile in our records. If you are using this method we assume that you have access to the url source on file: app details, where the app is on the web. Basically this method displays the url source, then you generate a "unique string code" through a simple web app we provide to you. The next step for you is to access that url source displayed then place the "unique string code" anywhere on the page temporarily, which is pointed to by the url. The last step will let us verify that you have access to the source page and have modified the page. All you have to do is click "verify now" through the web app provided to you or alternatively click the confirmation link in the email address that you signed up with.
How do I get my apps unto AppsBidder?
You can sell your apps on appsbidder by using our flash uploader to import your app and its assets unto our servers. You can view the uploader by registering and clicking the "sell" link at the top of the homepage. Developers using appsbidder are encouraged to submit as much assets (videos and images) as possible. Our app details pages have the capability to display up to 8 media types in the form of thumbnails, images and videos. There is a minimum number of assets required for each app submission:

Minimum Application Asset Requirement
Requirement: Quantity: Acceptable: Not Acceptable:
Using The Uploader: 1 png or hi-res thumbnail blurry images
Screenshot minimum of 3 three 623 x 301 pixels screenshots low quality screenshots
Binary files 1 .apk, .ipa, .exe, .cod, .sis, .zip, .rar, .app none related files

Using the Uploader
The uploader is designed to make your experience uploading apps to appsbidder an enjoyable one. Each step necessary for a beautiful and information rich app is outlined below.

    App Type and Category
  • The first step is choosing what product you are trying to sell. There are two options 'applications' and 'application licenses'. Most developers want to distribute apps to end-users so the 'applications' option is most appropriate. If you were going to sell software application digital rights to a re-seller, then application license option would be most appropriate.

  • The next step would be to select a fitting category and subcategory for your app. You can also specify if your app is tailored specifically to tablets, as described above.

  • Title, Description, Minimum Requirements
  • Enter the title of your app and you want to provide a useful description for your app next. The next three input boxes allow you to describe your app, specify the minimum requirements to operate the app and update any recent bug fixes to previous issues in the software.

  • Update, Version, Content Rating and Permissions
  • Providing key information on the type of content served from an app or a game is crucial to technical or conservative end users. Fields such as the most recent update, the version of the app, its download size, content rating and permissions are crucial in the decision making process of users. Providing these details will add credibility to the potential of the app as a good recommendable product.

  • License Agreements
  • You have the option to dictate the usage of your application. You can use the AppsBidder End User license agreement, use a general public license agreement (Open Source) or decide to upload your own tailored agreement. End users are bound by the terms and conditions of to abide by all rules and agreement entered into by downloading your product.

  • Tags
  • Tags are very important to the discovery of your applications through search engine searches. Tags will ensure and additional boost of traffic to your app page in addition to all our marketing efforts

  • BannerUploader
  • The banner uploader uploads a priority banner for your app details page.The banner should be a dramatic depiction of your application and it will be the first image loaded by default with you application thumbnail on the details page. You want to upload a high quality, high resolution image which dimensions are 623 x 301 pixels. Uploading an attractive banner image will increase your chances of being featured for free on while increasing the potential rate of adoption of your app by customers.

  • Media Uploader
  • The media uploader allows you to upload up to 8 media files for display on your app details page. You can upload videos from sources such as youtube and vimeo and add files such as your binaries from your local storage devices.

  • Setting Downloadable Content / App
  • Uploading all your assets for your app is pretty straight forward, however pay special attention to your binaries. This is usually your downloadable app for your users. After uploading your app and all its assets you have to check the checkbox next to your app that specifies you to set it as the downloadable file. See the image below for an illustration.

  • Remember, it's very important that you mark your downloadable content and drag your videos and screen shots down.

Refer A Developer
New Developers are automatically assigned a "referral Id" upon registration to Developers are automatically credited with a chance to feature and promote an app for each developer that signs up with their referral id. It is advised that you share this id with as many developers as possible to get as much marketing coverage on all your apps as possible.

  • Featured App Credit: This represents the number of apps that you can feature and promote for free.

  • Number Of Developer:This represents the number of developers that you have referred and have signed up with your referral id. The number of feature app credits should be equal to the number of developers you have successfully referred.