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Q. What is all about?

A. is a marketplace or super app store for mobile, web and desktop Applications. It also gives everyone an opportunity to participate in app commerce by helping users collaborate with software developers to implement app ideas or providing a bidding and licensing system for users to buy and sell app resale rights. It also rewards app downloads and social engagement using game mechanics to increase user engagement and customer lifetime value. It is a win win situation: developers earn more money from a gamified system of selling and distributing software, while also working on creative projects that increases their earnings in the marketplace.

Q. What is the Independent content contractor program?

A. This is the agreement you enter into upon registering for a free account on It enables you to distribute your software through our services, while we provide the necessary licensing agreement documents your customers might need. As an independent distributor on AppsBidder, we only charge a minimal fee for our service, you are responsible for any applicable taxes you may be liable for. You are free to opt out of the program at any time by canceling your account, we also reserve the right to terminate your account if we suspect misconduct in reference to the terms and conditions.

Q. How exactly does this work?

A. It's easy. A developer or a vendor uploads an app and fills out simple information about that app, like the description, category and type of application that is being sold. The developer or vendor also indicates what kind of license they may be willing to sell: either an application for personal use, or the application with the exclusive or non-exclusive licensing rights. For exclusive and non-exclusive license sales, we provide a default agreement for vendors or developers to be attached to the sale of the app. Once purchased, license agreement is accessible to customers for download in the user panel under the license agreement tab. As buyers, you can browse all the apps in the database, or search for exactly what you need by genre or licensing type. You may view a sample video of the apps and browse the reviews of the app so you know exactly what you are getting. When you find an app that fits your needs, you can buy the app for personal use or bid on the app, depending on if the app is for personal use or license agreement. The type of application available will depend on the kind of license type that the developer indicated in the app details fields. So basically you buy and download apps for personal use right away, and apps for sale together with the exclusive or non-exclusive license are generally bidded on, unless you decide to use the buyout button.

Q. What are the Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licenses that we support?

A. Digital exclusive or non-exclusive rights are a type of rights granted by copyright license agreement. These rights allow the buyer to sell copies of the apps to third parties, an act that would be prohibited by copyright law without the permission of the copyright holder. This business model has become a popular way to distribute digital products like apps and software. The "first sale" exception under copyright law does not apply to software because you are not depriving yourself of the use of it. If you sell (or give away) an app or software, you are normally selling only a copy of the app that you possess, and get to keep the original. For this reason, among others, selling copies software or apps without permission from the copyright holder is a violation of copyright law. Nevertheless, copyright holders can enter into license agreements to sell certain rights to the buyer, and this is how digital exclusive or non-exclusive licensing rights are granted.

Q. What are the rules governing Exclusive license sales on Appsbidder?

A. When an app is sold together with its exclusive licensing rights, the original owner gives up all ownership rights. The ownership rights transfers to the new buyer/owner. The exclusive license for an app can only belong to one person at a time on Once acquired the new owner may choose to sell single use copy of the software to buyers who find the application useful for personal uses. Buyers of an exclusive license may also resell the same app together with its exclusive license or ownership rights for a higher price. Sellers of exclusive license agreements are screened intensively to ensure that they do not sell an exclusive license more than once on These licensing agreements are sold through a bidding process and are usually sold for a high price. The terms of the agreement are outlined in the licensing agreement document available to buyers after purchase of such software.

Q. What are the rules governing Non-Exclusive license sales on Appsbidder?

A. When you buy the non-exclusive licensing rights, all ownership rights are not transferred to you. The original seller of the license retains ownership rights and can still sell the same license to multiple buyers. Buyers cannot re-list this app or license for sale on at any time. You would have to find another source to distribute the application. Buyers of non-exclusive license agreements are screened intensively to ensure that they do not sell an app on which was bought through the non-exclusive agreement. This is to prevent competition between the same product on the same market. The average prices for non-exclusive license agreements are significantly lower than exclusive license agreements. Sales are also finalized through a bidding process. The terms of the agreement are outlined in the licensing agreement document available to buyers after purchase of such software.

Q. What options do you have for smart-phone users?

A. Smart-phone users can log on to, search for an app they like and then buy and download the app to their computer or smart-phone. They can also choose to download our free marketplace app, which is a more seamless way to browse for apps on your Smart-phones just like you would in any other app-store for example: the "android marketplace". To download the free app go to the Download page and then download the appropriate app for your specific platform.

Q. What is the best way to view this website?

A. is best viewed on Mozilla Firefox for the fullest user experience. can also be used on safari, Ie7+.

Q.How will customers find my apps ?

A. Apps listed On for sale are available on Mobile Phones through appsbidder mobile app. Your apps will also be purchased or downloaded through our website. AppsBidder will market your apps to millions of potential users querying google for apps, using proven eCommerce and marketing features like search refinement, browse, and reviews.

Q. What are the fees to join

A. There are absolutely no sign-up fees. You can sign up for free and list your apps for free.

Q. What platforms can I sell apps for on AppsBidder?

A. You can sell apps for mobile, web and desktop applications including and not limited to: Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Facebook, Flash, IOS, Java, Meemo, Meego, OSX (MacBook), Web OS, Symbian, Unity 3-D, Windows, window phone 7.

Q. What price should I set for my apps?

A. Appsbidder cannot set the prices for your apps. You have to determine the price and worth of your app, by comparing it with similar apps out there. We advise you to be competitive with your prices in order to gain an edge in the market. Good luck :)

Q. Where is AppsBidder Available?

A. AppsBidder is available in the United States, Europe and most countries in Asia, Africa, Austrialia, South America and Antarctica.

Q. How will I be paid and what is AppsBidder's commission?

A. You will be paid when the payment threshold of $10 is attained. This is the minimum payout threshold. You can adjust your payout threshold in the user acount panel, in the "Account information" Tab. You will be paid through your choice of either google checkout, paypal or amazon payment services. There is a 17% charge when we pay you. This enables us to maintain our service.