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Independent Content Contractor Program

As a developer, the AppsBidder independent contractor program provides you with freedom from exclusivity, high fees and tax withholding. Now your efforts can be completely focused on creating great apps while we handle your file hosting, marketing and distribution. We provide a marketing and gamification solution to virally spread information about your apps on social media and to keep customers downloading and sharing your apps on social media. We also expand your reach potential by making your apps available in our mobile app market. This exposes your apps to millions of potential customers ready to purchase or download your apps. We make sure customers are incentivized to download and share your apps on social networks. With our extensive e-payment system, financial processes such as credit card validation and processing, are managed through customer choices of: paypal, google checkout and amazon payment services. We collect payment from the customer upon purchase, and we then provide product fulfillment. Payments too developers are made according to your specified threshold. You can establish an account with AppsBidder via our registration page, upload products, and begin selling software right now! You have nothing to lose but an additional opportunity to promote your software and increase your app viral Coefficient or customer rate of adoption.
Features and Benefits of Appsbidder's Independent Content Contractor Program:
Marketing and Promotions:
Benefit from the result of our marketing efforts: Your apps will be showcased in front of millions of customers already searching for apps to buy on the web and in our mobile apps. We also actively incentivize users to share your apps on social networks. This has a potential to grow your audience virally. There are two ways by which we make his happen:

  • Social Media Peer Network Syndication: Every app featured on is promoted in all our social media channels and syndicated in all our network partner's social media profiles. Apps Featured in this section are immediately syndicated in 500 to 4000 social media profiles. As a result you will get immediate traffic to your app detail pages, increase social engagement on social media networks: getting people talking about your app and acquiring back-links to your app details page which increases your relevance and discoverability in search engines. You can decide to have your app listed here optionally for $10 per app once, or on a monthly recurring basis for your monthly promotion and premium feature listing. This process is totally automated which is an added benefit to you as a developer, leaving you time to focus on building great apps. Please note that the duration of your app feature is 2 weeks per month. You can see some of our channels here

  • Gamification: Every customer is incentivized through a point system to download, rate/review and share your app with friends on social media. Points are redeemable for tangible rewards like monthly cash prizes, discounts, badges, site status and authority. learn more here: User Incentives

Save Money:
Enjoy a free membership program where you have access to a varying community of developers and customers. You can join today and list your products for sale all for free. When you sell, you literally keep most of your earnings: We only require fees of 17% on all your sales of paid apps. We do not charge for in app payments.
Enjoy Timely Payments:
Payments are made to developers once on the 1st of every month: the minimum threshold is $50, this means as soon as you earn $50 you can have it transferred to your Paypal, Google or Amazon account. You can also specify a higher threshold payment if needed in the "members area", under "My Account" tab.
Forum and Community Support:
Enjoy the community of developers available to assist you with any problem you might encounter on appsbidder. As you know every action on appsbidder is incentivized with points therefore developers and customers are always eager to interact with any forum user needing help. You can access the forum here: forum access. Access to forum is limited to registered members of You can use your appsbidder login credentials to sign into the forum.
Find out more about the Independent Content Contractor Program in the FAQ section of this website.

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