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Account Management
We have a dedicated section to help you self manage buying, selling and analytics of software distributed through our services. Subsections of "My Account" page allow you to use our services to upload store and customize your app hosting experiences. Read the sections introduction below to see how many free tools we provide to aid you in your tasks.

My Account and summary page
"My Accounts" page takes you to your apps management area. On the "my account" page, you are presented with a list of tabs thats that enable you to navigate to various options allowing you to perform various tasks on the site. The first is the summary tab, This outputs your most recent app submissions and various relevant options to edit information about the apps.

This tab enables you to send and receive internal messages to other members on the site

Payment Info
The payment info tab enables you to see how much earnings you have accumulated from customer downloads. Free apps downloaded by customers will usually show $0 as the total earned.

Experience Points and disapproval weight
This tab shows how much experience points and disapproval weight you have. Experience points gives you a higher rank and status on the site. A higher experience point also gives you a higher earning power in the monthly contest. learn more here

Analytics and download counts