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What is

AppsBidder is an app marketplace that rewards app downloads, social engagement and also enables everyone to participate in app commerce. Primarily, is a digital marketplace where people come to buy apps, games or software applications for the mobile, web and desktop platforms or devices. We also enable everyone to be able to participate in app commerce, by giving users the ability to purchase software licensing rights for the purpose of resale. This means, marketers, business oriented people or regular folks can now sell apps like developers. The range of features on Appsbidder brings together a community of people operating on different platforms enabling customers to have a wide variety of products and options. We have a wide cross platform community of developers on appsbidder which also enables companies or individuals to solicit software development services for any project development.

Why we are different

Incentivized users: 

Users on appsbidder are incentivized to download your apps, leave app feedback and share information regarding your apps with friends on social media. Everyone benefits because developers enjoy organic product reviews and activity and exposure, while users gain points used to redeem tangible rewards, learn more here: User Incentives

You Earn More: 

We have one of the best revenue share models in the industry. We charge 17%, for every sale excluding in-app purchases. This gives you more earning potential in comparison to other relative app stores or marketplaces.

Freedom with Proprietary Rights: 

On AppsBidder you are free to distribute your software in whatever manner suites you. You can offer free downloads, single use end user license (Paid apps), or sell the exclusive/non-exclusive license (ownership rights) to customers. These distribution concepts are supported by AppsBidder though license agreement documents. A similar marketplace with such freedom and options is next to impossible to find online.

No Sign-up Costs: 

There are no sign-up fees, which saves developers money on subscriptions.

Multiple PlatForms: 

Developers on AppsBidder provide content for a wide range of platforms from content for mobile devices to personal computers to web supported applications. Any user visiting AppsBidder will always find useful applications provided by developers from various platforms.

Multiple Channels of Distribution: 

Software uploaded to our databases are available to users, through our website and mobile devices in the AppsBidder mobile app.

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